About 'Ndepndnt Koncptz Networks (NKN)

What is NKN

NKN is all about bringing independent music to the populace in an easy, fun, and social way- NKN is a free social music service that curates independent music and films and allow users to create and upload their playlist and share them with friends and others who have similar likes.

Users can interact on the genre specific forum board, chat or group chat and can also send out emails and private messages. You can also listen, download and subscribe to original produced podcasts and video shows of budding independent artists.

Is NKN free?

Oh yes! Totally free, but we reserve the right to charge a small fee for some artist services we may provide.

Do I have to download anything?

Nope, no download necessary. You can access NKN from any broadband connected computer anywhere. Even from work, if your boss doesn't mind or isn't looking.

How does NKN work?

Update your profile and discover and enjoy the music, videos and articles; users can also submit articles and music to our database.

Meet people who like what you like; everyone on NKN has a personal "profile page", which gives a basic introduction with gallery, shout box, personal blog and music player. To make it more fun and social, most people are interactive by uploading a pictures, music, articles and discussions on the forum and chat boards.

You can find people's profiles by browsing the "Browse Members" section, on the NKN menu or check the “NK Online” section for members online. Wherever you see a user picture, you can go check out their profile, and access some of the user content; in order to access a users full profile, you have to be connected to that user by sending them a request on the user profile.

How can I contact NKN?

To contact us, please go to the contact page.

Is NKN legal?

NKN is totally legal. We're an internet radio service following all restrictions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and all materials showcased on NKN have been submitted by the copyright holder or agents.

How can I invite my friends to join NKN?

Inviting friends is easy: just click the "Invite" link at the main navigation. This will take you to the "Invite" page – where you can easily send invites.

Registration and Login

How do I sign up?

Just click "Register" accessed by the padlock button on the top right corner (after the search button). It's very quick and easy, all you need is a profile pix, name, user name, an email address and a password and acceptance of the terms of service and privacy policy.

I forgot my password, can you help me?

Sure we can. Just click on "Log in" and when the log in box opens up, click "Forgot login?" underneath the log in fields. Then just enter the email address you gave us when you signed up - and we'll send your password to you right away!

Can I access NKN from more than one computer?

Absolutely, you can log onto your NKN account from any broadband connected computer anywhere.

How can I cancel my NKN membership?

It's like that? Okay, if you really want to cancel your NKN membership, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure to send it from the email address you used to sign up for NKN, so we know that you are really you. We hate to see you leave our network. We'll miss you, really, we will.

NKN Social Networking

How can I see if people I know are on NKN?

Just click "Browse Members" and search with email to find friends.

How can I invite my friends to join NKN?

Just go to the top right corner of your NKN page, where you can send invites to anyone you want to invite. When they sign up, you will automatically be their friend.

What are "Connections"?

Connections are users on NKN who have granted each other special status. One user sends another a "friend request", the other person accepts it and on and on. As friends, you can shout to each others players, forum posts, article submissions, get listed on each others friends list, and even be friends with their friends. Connections can be separated into categories like friends, family, network etc.

How do I add a "Friend"?

To add a friend, just go to their profile page and click "Manage Connections" As soon as that person has accepted your friend request, you're friends and can shout to each others players, get listed on each others friends list, and even be friends with each others friends.

If I decline a friend request or delete a friend, will he/she find out?

No one will be sent any notice about your declining or removing him/her. The only way they will know that you’ve declined them is that you never show up as their friend or that they're no longer listed as one of your friends (if you delete an existing friend).

What are "Thank You's?"

When you someone responds to your post on the boards, you can choose to send an automatic "thank you" to that person - a fun and easy way let someone know you appreciated their feedback.

If you receive a "thank you" from someone, it means that person read your response to their comment/posts and liked it so much they decided to "thank you" for it. Pretty nice. You might even want to reply with a "you're welcome"...

What's the difference between Emails, Comments and Shouts?

All three of these types of messages can be found once logged into NKN.

Emails-- Private messages between two users that show up in your Email In box on NKN.

Shouts-- Short, instant private messages from one NKN friend to another, appearing directly in the top left corner below banner area. A copy of the Shout will also appear in the "Shout" section of "My Messages" on your NKN profile.

Comments-- Public bulletins posted on a person's public profile for everyone to see. Only people who are "friends" can post comments on each others profiles.

Can I delete a comment someone posted on my profile?

Sure thing. Just go to your NKN profile and click on "My Shout Box" tab and click the “x” on the top right corner of the comment you want deleted.

If you want, you can also change your Privacy Settings so that your approval is required before a comment about you is posted.

Your Profile

How do I add or change the information on my profile?

Just click "Edit Profile" from the "My Menu" navigation. and enter as much or as little information as you would like.

How can I upload a picture?

It's easy! Just click "Add Pix" from the user profile by clicking on “My Gallery” tab.

What kind of picture files can I upload?

We accept any JPG and GIF images of up to 4MB. Square images will look the best for your default pic.

How many pictures can I upload?

As many as you want! The more the merrier.

What's the difference between my "Home" and my "Profile"?

NKN Home This is your personal, logged-in view of NKN.

User Home A control panel for your eyes only from where you can edit your profile, read/send messages and change your settings.

To get to your NKN Home, just click on "Home" in the main navigation or the NKN logo.

Public Profile This is what you look like from another NKN user's point of view.

To get to your public profile, just click "My Profile" at the right of every page once logged on.

What are "Bookmarks"?

Loved that content or hated it? Bookmarks can be used to take note of certain content on NKN.

NKN Security

How secure is my personal information?

All your personal information (name, email address, etc) always remains confidential and we'll never sell or forward it to anyone. How much personal information you want to put on your public profile is totally up to you. You can be just as private or public as you like.

To learn more, check out or Privacy Policy here:

Where can I find your terms of service (TOS)?

To read our Terms and Conditions, just go to:

I'm on shared computer. How do I make sure no one can access my account?

If you're on a shared computer, always "log out" (the little padlock on the top right corner by search icon on every page) after each NKN session.

How can I block a user from contacting me?

Although we hope it doesn't come to that because NKN is about making connections, not breaking them, but lets not kid ourselves we're dealing with humans and some can be really shameless. Yet, if you find that you want to block a user from contacting you, just go to that person's profile page and click the "Ban User" link under the “Manage Connections” tab.

You can also click the "Block this user" button on the bottom of right of any of your incoming messages.

Once the user is blocked he/she can no longer send you emails, shouts, thank yous or comments. He/she will never show up in your “Connections” tab and if already your friend, he/she will be deleted as such.

To unblock a user, click "Request Connection" from the “Manage Connections” tab on the user profile.

How can I report abusive behavior?

If you come across abusive or severely inappropriate behavior (sexually explicit or violent images, threatening or hateful language, racism) please report it to us by:

Images- Click "Report this image" next to the abusive image

Messages- Click "Report abuse" at the bottom right of the abusive message.

If you come across a User Profile with severely offensive content, please send us an email about it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To learn more about what kind of content we find unacceptable at NKN please read our Terms and Conditions on

About NKN Music Library

How can I suggest an artist to be included on NKN?

We are constantly adding more music and would love your suggestions! Just send an email through the contact page or by contact NK Networks once logged on. You can also post a note on the forum for submissions. We'll do our best to get as many indie artists on NKN - sometimes it may take a while just be patient.

I'm an artist/label -- how can I submit my music to be included on NKN?

We have a few shows and and contents which helps unsigned artists and independent labels get their music played and promoted on NKN. To learn more about how to get on our database please contact us through the contact page.

About NKN Songs

What does the "Share" button do?

Click "Share" to get a link to the song you're currently listening to - that you can IM or email to anyone you want so they can listen to it too! When your friends click the link, they will get to a NKN page and depending on the content restrictions they may have to register and log on to view.

How can I play a specific song?

Since NKN is a social site/Internet radio station, we must follow certain restrictions defined in a federal law called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). For example, we can't let you request a specific song on demand, but you can select from the artists showcased on our “Music Library”.

How does NKN Urban World Charts work?

You can either rate a song up or down and it moves the track up our charts and the numbers are tallied each week to reflect the songs with the highest number of plays leading the charts.

You can rate songs from your player as you listen, or from the edit station page where you can quickly rate all songs by a certain artist.

How can I buy songs?

Certain songs are downloadable for free once logged on and artists that have paid for the Itunes or Amazon listing have a "Buy" button active next to the song playing.

Tech & Bugs

The player stops playing or skips?

We know, this happens sometimes -- here are a few tricks to get the player going again:

- Try hitting "Stop" and then "Play" again
- Switch to another station
- Try "refreshing" your browser

How can I report incorrectly labeled artist names/song titles?

Please help us correct incorrectly labeled songs by sending an email to us through the contact page.

What are the browser requirements for NKN?

NKN works on the following browsers:

PC-Internet Explorer 6 and up

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and up

Google Chrome

Mac-Safari 3.1 and up

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and up



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